Don’t get us wrong, we are huge fans of the dainty, subtle details that a wedding has to offer and we can’t get enough of sweet simplicity, but sometimes, bigger is just…better! This morning we we saw a picture of a #gorgeous bouquet on Style Me Pretty and we felt totally inspired to share with you a few of our favorite ways to take your wedding from wow to WOW with these big, over the top must-haves!

First, the bouquet. It’s true, your florals are an easy place to get carried away with budget so some brides choose to cut back, but we love when a bride takes her bouquet to the next level. Like this bride, for instance! Her bouquet is overflowing with pretty petals and we are totally in love with the the statement it makes!


Source: StyleMe Pretty || photo credit: Melissa Jill || florals: The Local Bouquet

Between the brides we see in our studio and the ladies that come through the doors of our sister company, K&B Bridals, we see a lot of wedding dresses. From lace to silk to beads and buttons, we love it all. Recently, the pretties we see in studio are opting for more fitted dresses that are incredibly impressive and while we adore these gowns, we simply swoon every time we see a bride in her perfect, Cinderella-style ballgown, with poof, poof, and did we mention, poof? Take a look at this beauty we found while poking around through the racks of gowns pretending to be brides while definitely doing our work.


Oh and check out the to-do-for belt from our go-to jewelry gal, Faye Daniel Designs!

Forget the sparkler send-off (even though we are still totally obsessed with it) – if you want to go big, aim for the entire fireworks show! For couples looking to make a grand exit and give their guests a little extra entertainment, we cannot say enough about fireworks. If your venue allows it and you’ve got the extra funds (or maybe a family friend in the bizz!), then we say light up the sky! Check out these gorgeous displays at two of our recent July weddings!



Okay, so you’ve seen the wedding photo booths (which create some of the best wedding memories, that’s for sure!), but why not take your wedding to the next level? We haven’t had a chance to yet, but we cannot wait to use The Slow Motion Booth (see it here). Not only do your guests get to leave with some great memories, you and your partner are sure to have some serious laughs as you scroll through these gems post-wedding. Check out some of these screen shots from the booth!



So there you have it. Like we said, simple can be scrumptious; the dainty details are darling, but every now and again, we just love to take it up a notch! From the flowers to the dress to the grand exit, there is always room for more!