It’s Friday and the weather really stinks here in the Greater Baltimore area, so I thought it would be fun to switch things up a little on the blog. Read: Baby Shower Tips and Etiquette!

As you all know, I’m in the middle (more like the beginning) of planning my very own wedding, but I have a lot of friends in the baby stages of their life. I’m the lucky one who gets to cuddle, play, and love on them – but hand them back when the time is right. 😉 Bonus: I love planning parties, so helping with showers is exciting! Here’s some baby shower tips and etiquette I’ve learned along the way!


Who Throws It

Anyone, really! It’s usually someone (or a few people) near and dear to the parent-to-be. This could mean a relative or friend! Heck, you might even end up having a few showers. It’s not uncommon for your work place to throw you a shower during lunch or after hours one day.

When to Have It

Ideally, the shower would be shortly before the baby is born, but not too close to the due date! We would say 6-8 weeks before the baby is due is a good safe zone. This will allow the parents-to-be some time to still pick up what they need and get excited for the arrival!

Role of the Mom-To-Be

If you’re the mom-to-be, I understand the idea of throwing a party solely to receive gifts can be awkward. Don’t think of it that way! Whoever is throwing it for you wants to do it, and those attending want to shower you with love. Below are a few baby shower tips for before, during, and after the party:

  • Create a registry (or two!) Unless you’re only inviting new moms, most people do not know what to get. So much as changed since the generation before you, so a registry is super helpful! It’s also good for those who do not have kids. Heck, I had no idea what a “bobby” was until my cousin had a baby! Oh, and a registry helps avoid you getting a bunch of duplicates of something or just simply, unnecessary things.
  • Be sure to let people know where you registered. This can be word-of-mouth to the person hosting your shower, so they can be sure to put a separate piece of paper in the baby shower invitation to let your guests know.
  • Open your gifts at the shower! People know and expect to watch the mother-to-be open each gift. Your gift givers want to see your reaction. I actually enjoy seeing all the new, cute things they have for babies these days!
  • Always smile and thank each person as you open their gift. Even if you already have it or it was just given to you in the present before, thank them. They took the time to think of and purchase this item just for you. Just remember to exchange it at a later date.
  • Send a thank you note…a handwritten one at that! I know it’s so easy to jump on a computer and type out your thoughts, but writing it by hand can go a long way. Maybe type it up first to get your thoughts on pape, then write it after and send it out.

What To Do At the Shower

  • Provide a spread. Lunch is usually most popular for baby showers. Another fun idea could be to serve all the foods the mom-to-be is craving!
  • Keep the guest of honor’s preferences in mind. Some future mommies like games and some like socializing. Allow for more time for one over the other, depending on the mom-to-be preference.

Ideas and Games

  • Play Name That Storybook. Have a sheet with a blurb from popular children’s books and have the guests guess which book the words are from.
  • Organize the Guess Who Baby Game. Ask guests to either bring or e-mail baby pictures of themselves to the host. The host will hang all the pictures up and guests will try and match which guest the baby picture belongs to.
  • Ask guests to bring a children’s book instead of a card! Have each guest write a note to the new baby inside and sign it for a memory years to come.
  • Ask guests to bring a pack of diapers. Those who do can have their name put into a raffle. The winner of the drawing gets a small gift.
  • Create a mocktail for the mom-to-be to enjoy!
  • If the couple is expecting a baby girl, create a headband station allowing guests to make their very own for the new baby!
  • Place a bunch of diapers on a table for guests to write a note on. This could give the parents a good laugh in the middle of the night when they’ve had enough.
  • Create a fun backdrop for a selfie booth.

baby shower tipsPhoto Courtesy of Style Me Pretty


Even the smallest gesture can go a long way. Don’t over look this little piece in the planning! One of our most important baby shower tips is to simply: don’t forget the favors!

Shower for Baby 2?

It is acceptable to throw a shower for baby #2 (or #3)! It is especially common if there is a big age gap between the children or the new baby is a different sex. If you want to host a celebration, but not a huge shower, consider hosting a “baby sprinkle,” which is a scaled down version of a full shower.

New Trend: Co-Ed Baby Showers

The man’s role has changed drastically within the last generation, especially because the mom-to-be won’t be the only one on poopy-diaper duty. Always check with the parents-to-be beforehand to make sure this is something they are okay with, and maybe recruit a male co-host. Also, make invitations attractive and welcoming to both genders.