With one of our own recently celebrating her first wedding anniversary with a paper gift, we had the bright idea to share with you the traditional (and modern!) gifts for wedding anniversaries. We aren’t suggesting you can’t stray from this list, but for some couples, having a one stop shop for anniversary gifts takes the stress levels down and brings excitement back to your big day!

Anniversary Gifts

Year One

Anniversary gifts year one paperTraditional: Paper

Our planner gave her hubby a piece of art for their first anniversary, but if you’re not into that, we are in love with this idea from Minted. Your vows are sacred, especially if they’re handwritten. Why not keep a visual reminder of the promises you made to one another?

Modern: Clocks

A watch seems fitting for this modern first anniversary gift, but if you’re looking to spice things up a bit, an antique pocket watch might be the way to go!

Year Two

anniversary giftTraditional: Cotton

Can it get any cuter than this cotton canvas print from Etsy? Mapping your love is certainly a way to show affection on your second anniversary (and maybe encourage more travel?!)

Modern: China

If you didn’t register for china or perhaps didn’t get all the pieces you were looking for, adding to your set this year is the way to go. A gorgeous gravy boat, delicate serving spoons, or clean, white serving trays are sure to make any entertaining enthusiast giddy with excitement.

Year Three

Traditional: Leather

Oooh we are so in love with this traditional gift idea. From leather messenger bags to gorgeous jewelry, leather is super versatile for any man or woman!

Modern: Crystal/Glass

When you first start thinking of crystal or glass anniversary gifts, your mind might automatically go to cheesy engraved plaques that are sweet, but unwanted. Instead, we think a stained glass window or a gorgeous set of crystal glasses are the perfect choices for your third anniversary!

Year Four

Anniversary gifts year four flowersTraditional: Fruit/Flowers

This gift seems so odd to us as flowers often accompany many anniversary and birthday presents, but if you’re going the traditional route this year, take things to the next level. We’re not suggesting you have to have a flower wall installed like Kayne did for Kim, but a grand bouquet of stunning orchids or plush peonies is sure to wow your partner.

Modern: Appliances

Tread carefully with this gift idea. While we’d be smitten with a gorgeous new kitchen mixer or Dyson vacuum, some appliances may be less attractive than others (i.e. your wife may not want a new toaster for your 4th anniversary, even if yours did just break last week).

Year Five

anniversary gift year five silverware Traditional: Wood

Like leather, wood is such a versatile material. We are taken with the idea of having a palette or wooden box engraved for your honey. If you’re looking for someone local, one of our favorite talents, LB Artisan Engraving, can make some serious art using wood (and other materials) and her engraver.

Modern: Silverware

Unless you’re in need of some new flatware, chances are this modern gift might be unnecessary. If you’d like to take this route, though, why not get creative with adorable personalized forks such as these from Etsy?

Year Six

anniversary gift year six candyTraditional: Candy/Iron

Who doesn’t love candy? After six years of marriage, candy might just be what the doctor ordered! Surprise your lovebird with his/her favorite candy or perhaps really tickle their sweet tooth with an entire basket filled with goodies!

Modern: Wood

Well this is easy. If you went the modern route last year, take the modern route this year and check out our ideas for wooden gifts above!

Year Seven

Anniversary gifts year seven desk setTraditional: Wool/Copper

We’re sort of in love with the idea of a copper gift because the possibilities are truly endless. Whether you want to get your sweetie something for the house or a gorgeous piece of jewelry, chances are you can find it in copper. For the music lover in your life, we think this custom copper guitar pick is such a great find!

Modern: Desk Sets

Okay, this gift my seem odd to some, but as planners, we’d actually be super excited to receive a desk set. This eclectic set is funky and fun and would make going to work that much better!

anniversary gifts year eight bronze Year Eight

Traditional: Pottery/Bronze

If you’re looking for something a little more unique than an actual piece of pottery, why not spend your eighth anniversary making and/or pottery together? Not only will you have a gorgeous piece to take home, but you’ll also have memories that’ll last forever!

Modern: Linens/Lace

Luxurious high thread count linens would be the gift that keeps on giving because there is nothing quite like a good night’s sleep on linens that feel like silk!

Year Nine

Traditional: Willow/Pottery

Well these are easy! Just take a few tips from Year Eight…

Modern: Leather

…and Year Three!

Year Ten

Traditional: Tin/Aluminium

Anniversary gifts year ten diamond earringsHere’s where we suggest you get very creative. Use your DIY skills to use these materials to come up with something really neat for your hubby or wife. Not a big crafter? Check out Etsy for some seriously cool gift ideas this year.

Modern: Diamond Jewelry

Well, well, well. It only took ten years and we’re already to diamond jewelry! If your wallet can afford it, a gorgeous pair of diamond studs would be a great keepsake for this anniversary. For the gents? Diamond encrusted dog tags are an awesome and unique gift that he’s sure to love!

Year Eleven

Anniversary gift jewelry Traditional: Steel

Ah, steel, a metal we love, particularly in the stainless variety. There are so many directions you take this gift, but we are obsessed with these stainless steel bottle opener cufflinks. How many purposes can these things serve?!

Modern: Fashion Jewelry

Another great gift idea! We are in love with the idea of fashion jewelry for Year Eleven, but be sure you keep it classy (5$ cocktail rings may not be a true expression of your love).

Year Twelve

Anniversary gifts necklaceTraditional: Silk/Linen

Remember when we mentioned those high thread count silky sheets? If you didn’t invest already, now is a great time to do so. Twelve years of marriage deserves a yummy night’s sleep.

Modern: Pearls

If your wife doesn’t own a strand already, a gorgeous pearl necklace is sure to impress. You can keep it classy with a strand of ivory pearls, or spice things up with a champagne, blush and ivory, multi-layered pearl necklace like this!

Year Thirteen

Anniversary gifts furTraditional: Lace

Lace gifts can come in many forms, from a beautiful table runner to a sassy negligee. If you’re lucky and know someone who sews, a handmade lace gift can also be very sentimental and sweet!

Modern: Furs

Now, we’re not suggesting you skin any furry friends, here, but a faux fur jacket or a bag with faux fur accents can make your significant other feel rich and spoiled, while still saving the animals! Better yet, invest in a faux fur throw like this – perfect for cuddling together on the couch.

Year Fourteen

Anniversary gifts braceletTraditional: Animals

When we saw this traditional gift idea, we were at first super confused, but then really excited (huge animal lovers over here). Apparently, the traditional gift for Year Fourteen used to be ivory, but since laws regulate against killing elephants for their tusks (thank goodness), animals have since replaced it as this year’s traditional gift. So, that being said, trip to the local shelter to rescue a new furbaby? Sounds great to us!

Modern: Gold Jewelry

If you’re allergic to animals or your landlord forbids them (because those are the only reasons we see why people wouldn’t want another little love), gold jewelry is a modern gift perfect for Year Fourteen. A gorgeous gold bangle like this one is sure to make her heart flutter!

Year Fifteen

Traditional: Crystal

A Year Three repeat…

Modern: Watches

…and a Year One! By this time, your honey is probably in need of a new watch anyway!

Year Twenty

Traditional: China

Gosh, they really make it easy in the later years! Take a look back at Year Two for some great China ideas. If you didn’t invest then, a new set of China would be a glorious gift or even a really nice piece to add to your collection!

Modern: Platinum

Ohhh, shiny. The Platinum year is one for the record books! 20 years of marriage calls for a gorgeous platinum band to add to your ring finger or perhaps a stunning necklace to adorn your neck!

Year Twenty-Five

Anniversary gifts silver platterTraditional and Modern: Silver

Year Twenty-Five is simply silver, traditionally and for the more modern gift giver. A stunning antique silver platter might strike your fancy or perhaps an eclectic teapot! Jewelry is always a great go-to, but for something different, hit your local antique shops and really get creative this year!

Year Thirty

Traditional: Pearl

Oh how we love a repeat. Stunning studs to match the pearl necklace from Year Twelve would be a great investment. For the guys, a money clip inlayed with pearl is sure to keep his cash oh-so-fancy!

Anniversary gifts pearl clipModern: Diamond

More diamonds? Yes, please!

Year Thirty-Five

Traditional: Coral

Year Thirty-Five seems like it would be a great time to splurge on a vacation get away! Using a different take on the “coral” gift, why not surprise your partner with a trip to the Caribbean, where he/she can snorkel along a coral reef?! We know, brilliant.

Modern: Jade

And while you’re snorkeling, check out the beautiful fish that are sure to be in beautiful shades of jade. Oh, did we do it again?

Year Forty, Forty-Five, and Fifty

Anniversary gifts jewelryTraditional and Modern: Ruby, Sapphire, and Gold

Rubies, sapphires, and gold. Is there anything more scrumshish? If you’re on a budget, how about a care package filled with ruby, sapphire, or gold colored sweets, treats, and presents? It’s thoughtful, and still meets the tradition. If you’re looking to splurge, a tennis bracelet in one of these stones is sure to be a hit.

Year Sixty

Traditional and Modern: Diamond

Let’s be honest, when you’ve made it this far, you deserve diamonds.