As we delve deeper into the new year, we are welcoming both freshly engaged couples and all the amazing trends that are buzzing about for the much-anticipated wedding season! We’ve sifted through what we’re seeing from both our couples and from the biggest designers in the industry to summarize it all in one place! There has been a clear design shift, and we are excited to share some fresh ideas and cue you in on what big things to expect to see this season.

Color, and lack thereof!

2017 was the year for neutral palettes paired with rich lush greenery, and this look will certainly always have a romantic place in our hearts. This year, we plan on seeing big bold colors having their day in the spotlight. Look out for the color revival- colored taper candles, dark and moody florals, even colorful balloon arches to add that extra “wow” factor. Ultra Violet is the Pantone color of the year, and we plan on seeing all different shades on this statement color flood all of your favorite vendors feeds!

Luke and Cat

Grace Lee of Brit & Co predicted this next “clearly” (all pun intended) amazing trend for 2016 weddings, but we are seeing it carry over all the way to our current weddings. Hints of translucence is another stylistic touch we just can’t get enough of. Our hearts light up every time we see a clear tent, but this year designers are taking it to the next level. Think lucite stationary or chairs, or even see-through glass tables! We are seeing this look add a modern and architectural touch to any event.

Lauren Fair Photography

Texture & Unique Displays

We use different types of textures to transform or enhance a space, but designs are going to the next level! We’ve seen beautifully unexpected lighting displays, retro linen fabrics, and florists and designers finding unique ways to bring greenery into an event space. Couples are truly putting a personal touch everywhere they can- and we are on board with it!

L Hewitt Photo

Moving Outside In

This year’s hottest venues have a completely different look than we’ve seen over the past few years. Couples are requesting all sorts of styles, but always thinking “outside” of the box. We’re experiencing the same outdoorsy feel by couples choosing industrial loft style spaces, your favorite local museum, a rooftop overlooking your home city, and anything with high ceilings and an airy concept.

Ashley Gerrity Photography

We like to move it move it

Our team is seeing more and more couples opt out of one location for their festivities by adding some element of movement to their event. We foresee this becoming even more prevalent in 2018. Whether you have your favorite food truck stop by on-site for a late night bite or move everyone to a different location for an epic after-party, a little bit of movement can go a long way into making the day that flies by last just that much longer.